Piketplace, a Pi Network marketplace

For Pi Network currency, Pioneers can publish goods for sale, can shopping and apply for shipping goods from seller to buyer

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About Us

The Pi Network’s App for E-Commerce

The developers behind the 2023 Hackathon winner platform Piketplace, Djedje, Filano were able to create an amazing utility application that will allow pioneers to spend their mined Pi Coins on meaningful purchases. This is a significant development for the Pi Network, as it demonstrates the real-world utility of Pi Coins beyond simply being a speculative investment.

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Get started with our testnet or mainnet version by copying these links and paste on Pi Browser: https://testnet.piketplace.com or https://mainnet.piketplace.com
Our Services

What Services We Provide


Offering a seamless shopping experience. Users can browse and purchase a wide variety of products and services from sellers within the Pi Network ecosystem.


Involves listing and offering your products or services to a wide audience of potential buyers through the platform.


This feature streamlines the logistics and transportation aspects of e-commerce, making it easier for sellers to deliver their goods.

Our Team

Meet Our Team Members

Adjé SEWOVON (Djedje)
Lucien KOEKOU (Filano)